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Crab Paper Table Cover

Looking for a fun and festive tablecloth to add to your next party? Look no more than our 40 x100 brown Crab pattern Paper banquet tablecloth, this tableclothes is excellent for any event, and is exquisite for use as a floor covering or as a table cover.

Crab Paper Table Cover Ebay

We believe that our users are the key to our success, we produce top quality table covers and covers in red ginghams and other colors. Our table covers are top-notch for tvs and make for peerless fit for any size table, our table covers are made to last, and are made of durable plastic. Plus, our table covers have an 40 x300 ft roll limit, atlantis plastics is a family-owned business that grants been production-line processing Crab meat and feathers in seafood industries around the world for over 150 years. We use the latest in technology and equipment to create the most high-quality table cover available, our table cover is backed by an 100-year warranty. The plastic table cover is produced of 100% recycled materials and is designed to protect your table, it is manufactured of post-consumer materials that are then used to create other objects. This table cover is one example of the many products that help with the waste reduction goal of the this 300 ft, per hour cloth cover is produced of heavy weight fabric and is designed to protect your table. It grants a Crab print that is sure to make a statement, this cover is a fantastic substitute to protect your table from the front window.