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Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover

Our Elasticized tableclothes are valuable for a professional or personal use, they are delicious with a fresh look and feel, and are straightforward to clean. They will add a touch of glamour to your room and make your shopping experience more convenient.

Marbled Vinyl Elasticized Table Cover Walmart

This table cover is produced of blue Vinyl Elasticized table cover material, it is splendid for an expensive table or cover. The table cover is round in shape and offers an 40 - 44 dia in size, it is manufactured of marble Vinyl Elasticized top and bottom. These are top cover for your table, the table cover is produced of 40-44 dia. Round pieces that are made of marbleized material, the table cover is supposed to make your table look even more beautiful. The table gives an 44-inch circumference and is 40-inches wide, it is covered in a beautiful marbleized finish. Round table legs, it provides an 40 - 44 dia.